Six cups sugar, three cups boiling water, dissolve and cook without stirring until it balls in water, set pan in cold water and let cool about one minute, beat rapidly until candy; flavor to taste and cut into as many designs as you want.
Miss Tempy Hook, Fulton, MO


Make a plain egg and milk custard, three pints, add a cup of partially chopped blanched almonds and pour into the freezer; when just beginning to freeze, add two cups whipped cream, stir often while freezing so that the fruit will be well distributed.

Mrs. Opal Muir, Fulton, MO


Three cups sugar, three cups flour, one cup butter, one cup cornstarch mixed into one cup sweet milk, whites of twelve eggs beaten to a froth, two teaspoons baking powder, cream the butter and sugar, add milk into which the cornstarch has been dissolved, add flour and eggs, flavor to suit taste, use any filling desired.
Mrs. H. J. Corwine, Columbia, MO


Two-thirds of a cup butter, one cup sugar, three eggs, one cup prune juice, one heaping teaspoon soda, one cup chopped prunes, one teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, two and one-half teacups flour, bake in layers.  Filling:  One and one-half cups sugar, two-thirds cup of cream, butter size of an egg, one tablespoon flour, cook until thick.

Mrs. Thomas L. Fox, Auxvass, MO


One tumbler of flour, one teaspoon cream of tartar, one and one-half tumbler white sugar, whites of eleven eggs beaten to a stiff froth, flavor with vanilla, bake forty minutes.
Mrs. J. A. Pemberton, Azusa, CA


One can salmon, cut in small pieces, one very small head of hard cabbage, chopped fine, one dozen small cucumbers, chopped, two hard boiled eggs, chopped, mix the ingredients well together, pour over one pint vinegar, after heating it to scalding, and season with pepper, salt and mustard to suit taste.
Mrs. H. B. Hills, Fulton, MO


One cup sugar, one-half cup butter, yolks three eggs and one whole egg, one-half cup of milk, one-fourth of a teaspoon each of soda and cream tartar, one and three-fourths cups of flour, mix the butter and sugar together, add the eggs, milk, flavor and flour in the order named; bake in a moderate oven for about a half hour.  A chocolate frosting is nice with this cake.
Miss Eunice Muir, Fulton, MO


Take nice light biscuit dough, roll thin and round, then spread with butter, sprinkle with sugar and a bit of cinnamon, then roll together, lay in deep pan and bake with sauce made of one cup sugar, two tablespoons of flour mixed with sugar, a tablespoon of butter, pour boiling water over all and bake until done, flavor sauce to taste, serve while hot.

Mrs. John Willett, Fulton, MO


Two cups sugar, six eggs, one cup boiling water, two and one-half cups flour, reserve the whites of three of the eggs for the icing, beat six yolks a little, add the sugar and beat fifteen minutes, add three beaten whites and the cup boiling water just before the flour, flavor with lemon, bake in four layers, place icing between the layers, using the reserved whites of three eggs; be sure the water is boiling hot, as that is what makes the cake light and tender.
Mrs. T. S. Kyger, New Bloomfield, MO


One quart sweet milk, five eggs, put milk over fire in stew pan, separate eggs, beat whites until stiff enough to cut with a knife, drop by tablespoons into hot milk, when set, lift from milk with wire spoon, put in glass dish, make a custard of yolks, sweeten and flavor with lemon, take four big oranges, peel and remove all white, divide, into sections and mix with custard, when cold, pour over the snow balls and set in cool place until wanted.  This is delicious.
Vera Mary Hills, Fulton, MO


Take two dozen oranges, peel and take seeds out, two dozen bananas sliced, two quarts canned pineapple and put all in a jar and cover with a gallon warm water, a few tablespoons sugar and place  a plate over it and let stand about fifteen hours, then put it through a colander or sieve, then have ready five dozen lemons and squeeze juice out and mix with the other and sweeten to taste and put in three quarts fresh strawberries; if not strawberries, use maraschino cherries, also two quarts grape juice; serve as punch.
Mrs. S. K. Duncan, Stephens Store


Two cups sugar, two cups butter, milk out of the cocoanut and enough sweet milk for one cup, not quite four cups flour, two teaspoons cream of tartar, one of soda, whites of eight eggs, sift flour, cream tartar, and soda five times, stir sugar and butter to a cream, add milk and flour and last whites of eggs, add two teaspoons of whiskey, this will flavor and retain moisture; bake in layers.  Filling:  one and two-thirds cups sugar, half cup water, boil together until a few drops of this will harden in cold water, pour this mixture over the whites of three well-beaten eggs, spread on layers, sprinkle thickly with cocoanut scrapings.

M. L. Pheeters, Auxvass, MO


Whites of eight eggs, one cup sweet milk, two cups sugar, one cup corn starch, two-thirds cup of butter or one-half cup of cottolene, three teaspoons baking powder, two and one-half cups of flour, sift the flour, starch and baking powder together, froth whites of eggs, cream the butter, and sugar, add these together, whip in the flour, bake in layers an inch thick.  For the filling:  Four cups sugar boiled until it candies, pour while boiling over the well-frothed whites of four eggs, whip until cool, add one teaspoon citric acid and two teaspoons extracts, spread filling same thickness as cake.

  Miss Florence Blackburn, Isabell Station, MO
June 5, 1908   Fulton Weekly Gazette


One cup cold salmon minced and mixed with an equal quantity of chopped celery or cabbage, line a dish with lettuce leaves, turn into it the mixed salmon and celery or cabbage, and over all pour a dressing of two tablespoons of oil, three tablespoons vinegar, salt and pepper; a mayonnaise dressing may be used but with salmon the plain dressing is preferred.
Mrs. Opal Muir, Fulton, MO
These recipes have been typed just as found written in the old newspapers. 
Review carefully and modify accordingly. 

Sweet milk is nothing more than regular whole milk.
What is a TUMBLER equal to?

A tumbler is equal to one cup (dry measure).

It is equal to 1/4 cup or 2 ounces.
What is a TEACUP equal to?

It is equal to a scant 3/4 cup.
(dry measure)
A MODERATE OVEN is equal to what temperature?

Approximately 350 degrees.

Cottolene was a brand of shortening made of beef tallow and cottonseed oil produced in the USA from 1868 until the mid 20th century. It was the first mass produced and mass-marketed alternative to lard. It was comparable to and a competitor of CRISCO which is composed entirely of cottonseed oil. 
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