Could this be John Singleton Mosby & his brother William?????????     
The case....
Maybe Willie????  I have seen several pictures of him and the resemblance is uncanny.   Notice the sad look and dimpled chin - a family trait.
Could this be John????   Not as gaunt as in these earlier pictures but check out the steely (most likely blue) eyes for which John was know for and the squared jaw, dimpled chin and pursed lips. 

John was described as always being sunburned, having icy blue eyes,  proud of his appearance and he definitely enjoyed his hats.  What do you think......
William's Hands.....  Compare my pictures of the hands to the picture in Mosby's Memoirs of John's father and brother Willie as a cadet. 

I spoke to a descendent of William's who told me "that Willie's mother did not want him to go to war because of his deformed hand(s)."
Notice the cigar in the picture - John smoked a cigar, a habit he picked up from Stuart.
Ok now - what do you all think??????
I welcome your comments and will post for all to see.
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